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Through various workplace strategies, our clients are creating different environments within their workplace for their staff to utilize. With the objective to increase staff wellbeing and job satisfaction, thereby increasing productivity and performance.

EG. Work, Meet, Break, Collaborate, Focus, play.

It is crucial for the furniture to function in a way that supports the various environments/ethos’s within the workspace. 

Seating is often a key feature in achieving this function.

Furniture Seating Task

Task Seating

Where people are working at their desks for long periods of time. Whether that be in the office or at home. 

It is integral that a task chair has the adjustable features to support the users requirements and ensure the user is able to sit in a positions that supports health and wellbeing.

Furniture Seating Ergonomic

Ergonomic Task Seating

In some cases, the standard adjustable features are not sufficient. particularly when users have an ongoing injury or suffered from long-term back pain.

Imago provide a specialist ergonomists assessments for specific requirements, then offer a recommendation of the best possible solution.

Furniture Seating Meeting Visitor

Meeting & Visitor Seating

Meeting spaces within the office are generally intended for different functions.

EG. Board meetings, quick internal catch ups, Client meeting/entertaining.

These spaces are not effective if the furniture does not support the function. Through our experience and knowledge, Imago can recommend various products to ensure our client spaces’ are effectively utilized and perform in a way to support the business.

Furniture Seating Breakout

Breakout Seating

Breakout seating is often lightweight and can be moved around easily.

It’s also a great way to introduce some colour and playfulness into a design scheme.

At Imago we believe that a Break Out area should be used at all times of the day and so help to advise ways in which you can create a multi-functional space that is an asset to the business.

Furniture Seating soft

Soft Seating

With such a wide range of soft seating options available it can be easy to feel a bit lost.

At Imago, we start with the function, suggesting ranges that are practical and offer the best return on investment and then we concentrate on the design and aesthetics to make sure it also looks fantastic.

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