Imago: More Than Just Office Furniture

Imago, Met Building 13

Workplace strategy

A well-considered workplace strategy can ensure your organisation understands its people and the tasks they undertake. It’s about making sure the office space perfectly caters for the way it should be used, that each way of working has an appropriate setting and that people feel that the office is working for them.

canopy double front range

All of your specification, procurement, and installation needs in one place

At Imago we have strong commercial relationships with a wide range of European Furniture Manufacturers so we’re confident to guarantee that the packages we create will be well priced, have a wide range of well thought out products with no shocks or surprises when it comes to the delivery and installation.

Storage Vortex

Space & Storage Audits

It’s easy during the excitement of an office move to overlook the importance of getting the amount of storage your business needs 100% right from the start.

That’s why we offer full-service storage audits that help you understand all of your storage requirements so that you can have confidence in getting it right first time.

Our team will come out and assess your current needs, discuss whether there is an opportunity and willingness by staff to change working practises and answer any concerns that might arise during this process.


Furniture up-cycling & re-cycling

Despite our global commitment to reducing climate change there is still far too much furniture heading to landfill these days, most of it being in perfectly good condition.

At Imago, we do all we can to make sure that old furniture is either donated to start ups and local charities, re-used and upcycled so it’s fit for use once again or as a last resort recycled.