‘Future of Work Strategy’

Definition: “Workplace Strategy is the dynamic alignment of an organisation’s work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs”

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Every workplace is unique and every business has its own set of objectives, policies and expectations for how they want to work and what they need, to work effectively.

People Space Technology Workplace Strategy

Activity based working

Our ‘Future of Work’ workplace strategy, which is focused on the transition of an existing workplace, to a more flexible working environment that embraces an Activity Based Working culture and in particular, since Covid-19, encourages people to go to the office in the knowledge that it is a safe, fun and rewarding experience, where they can learn, develop, collaborate, and socialise.

Our 4 Stage Process

Our experience has enabled us to formulate a robust and clear 4 stage process to identify the core objectives for an organisations working environment and through a considered process, create and implement a well defined workplace strategy, which will have a significant impact on staff performance, well-being and retention, whilst also attracting the top talent.


Identify & capture an organisations core objectives for their project & define the parameters for success


Analyse working patterns & functionality based on specific roles & requirements


Produce & develop the concept design & technical design stages to create a conclusive detailed proposal


Deliver a turnkey working environment which meets the core project objectives & exceeds expectations of both the stakeholders and employees alike

Although the outcome of this process can result in some build works to move or amend partitions etc, we have found that significant change can be achieved through furniture solutions, to create various working environments to suit all user types, yet providing flexibility as the business head count ebbs and flows.

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