Furniture Storage


In the last five years storage requirements have evolved drastically alongside working practises.

The need for large storage units packed full of lever arch files and binders is greatly reduced, although we still meet some clients that insist, they need them!

Instead, storage such as lockers, can now enhance the user experience and provide a welcome personal space for the more agile worker.

Instead of being eye soars reserved for the dark and dingy parts of the office they can become design features that enhance the office aesthetics, introducing colour or even have planters on top.

The options are endless and were more than happy to help guide you through the latest products and trends.

Furniture Storage Storewall


Storewall has always been an extremely space-efficient way of adding linear metres of storage capacity to an office. With so many styles and materials to choose from when you work with our design team whilst specifying then it can become a real opportunity to add a design feature to the office as well as practical storage.

Furniture Storage Freestanding

Free Standing Storage

Again with so many finishes and styles now available in the marketplace your storage requirements can be catered for easily whilst simultaneously enhancing the design scheme.

Furniture Lockers


Post lockdown working life is increasingly more agile with time spent in and out of the office. Lockers provide an opportunity for people to have their own personal space without talking up vital desk space.



Often an understated but essential and practical piece of furniture for any meeting suite.

Credenzas can be a useful place to store all the unsightly IT equipment, provide a surface for drinks and even have integrated fridges.

Case Studies

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